Office of Open Government Biannual Newsletter (July 2019)

The Office of Open Government (OOG) pulishes a biannual newsletter to inform the public concerning its activites and important developments in government transparency.

September 27, 2017, Order

Memorandum to Admininstrative Points of Contact

The purpose of this memorandum is to inform you of recent changes to the regulations concerning open meetings.

NOTICE OF FINAL RULEMAKING: Chapter 104 (Office of Open Government)

The Director of Open Government (Director), of the Office of Open Government, pursuant to the authority set forth in Section 205c(a)(3) of the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability Establis

Letter to Chairman Mendelson Regarding the FOIA Clarification Amendment

On May 13, 2019, the Director of Open Government requested that Chairman Mendelson withdraw the proposed FOIA Amendment to the FY20 Budget Support Act and instead present a standalone bill and perm

#0004_11.15.18_FOIA AO Application of FOIA to Public Charter Schools

The application of FOIA to Local Education Agencies and District of Columbia Public Charter Schools (PCS); and Whether PCS are private contractors that perform a public function, whose records thro

Social Media and FOIA in 2019

Open records laws are just starting to catch up to social media, and your agency needs to be prepared to com

Resolution of Tamang Complaint OOG-2019-0001-M

Resolution of Tamang Complaint OOG-2019-0001-M

Director Allen's April 10, 2019, FY 20 Budget Testimony

Director Allen's April 10, 2019, FY 20 Budget Testimony

OOG-0003_.11.2.18_AO Whether the DCPCSB met in an improper closed session

Whether the DCPCSB: (1)  met in an improper closed/executive session; (2) improperly noticed to the public its October 31, 2018 meeting; (3)  failed to timely report to the public the outcome of a