OOG-0003_6.21.17_AO Major Crash Task Force OMA


OOG-0001_6.1.17 (Revised 6.7.17*) | N. Makenta

OMA Complaint Resolving Whether the BZA  Failed to Properly Notice a Public Hearing and Met in an Improper Closed Session During its December 14, 2016 Hearing Regarding Case No.

OOG-0004_5.13.17_AO | Mulhauser FOIA

Whether a FOIA request that provides an individual’s name whose email box is to be searched and a specific date range for the search constitutes a reasonable description of public records sought un

2.27.17 Director Hughes Testimony Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

  Council of the District of Columbia COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY & PUBLIC SAFETY

OOG-0001_4.12.17_FOIA AO | M. Segraves

Whether an agency may require that the public submit a FOIA request through District’s FOIA Portal; and, does FOIA requires a public body to provide responsive records to the requester using an enc

OOG-0002_ 4.3.17 Advisory Opinion

Opinion regarding whether the Victim Assistance Network and Reentry Action Network; the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART); the High Risk Domestic Violence Team; and the Domestic Violence Fatality

Mayor's Order 262-1988

2.23.17 Director Hughes Testimony_Performance Oversight Hearing

Council of the District of Columbia COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY & PUBLIC SAFETY 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20004

OOG-001_2.6.17 DBH Ombudsman Advisory Council

VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL Ms. Patricia C. Thompson-Embrack Ombudsman Program Officer for Children and Youth Department of Behavior Health

February 2017 Schedule A