Urban Forestry Advisory Committee

Governing Agency / Agency Acronym: 
Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE)

Point of contact: Luke W Cole Telephone: (202) 724-5348 Email: luke.cole@dc.gov

The Urban Forestry Advisory Council was created in the Tree Canopy Protection Amendment Act of 2016. The Council—which is co-chaired by the Department of Energy & Environment and the District Department of Transportation—consists of 12 members, and includes members of the District government, the Federal government, Pepco, the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, and three community representatives.

The purpose of the Urban Forestry Advisory Council is to ensure coordination between the District agencies responsible for achieving the District's tree canopy goal (i.e., 40% canopy cover by 2032) and partners engaged in programs and activities geared toward achieving those goals. Further, the Council will advise District agencies responsible for achieving the District's tree canopy goals regarding policies, programs, and partnerships for the purpose of maintaining, protecting, and increasing the District's tree canopy.

Earl Eutsler
DDOT, co-chair
Jeff Seltzer
DOEE, co-chair
Luke Cole
DOEE, coordinating chair
Mark Buscaino
Casey Trees
Delores Bushong
Community representative
Dennis Chestnut
Community representative
Zach Dobelbower
Maureen Holman
DC Water
Nathan McElroy
Irv Sheffey
Community representative
Brent Sisco
Robin Snyder
Perry Wheelock