Digging Into DC, Part 2- How to Use FOIA to Access D.C. Police Records

Interested in how to search for information from D.C. police? Worried about crime in your neighborhood? Want to access police body camera footage of an incident you witnessed?

The Opengovist: July 26, 2021 Edition

OOG Welcomes New Attorneys Nicholas Weil and Zita Orji

On May 24, 2021, the Office of Open Government (OOG) welcomed 2 new attorneys to our legal staff. Ms. Zita Orji is OOG’s new Trial Attorney and Mr. Nicholas Weil is OOG’s new Attorney Advisor.

Digging into D.C - Open Government Training Kickoff

Want to know how much DC spends on your child's school? Worried about staffing cuts? Interested in the health and safety conditions of school facilities?