BEGA Requests Public Comment on 2013 Best Practices Report

DC’s Board of Government Ethics and Accountability (BEGA) Office of Open Government has made the 2013 Best Practices Report available for comment on MadisonDC.
Madison DC is free, open source software that allows users to interact with specific pieces of legislation, engage other civic-minded citizens, explore documents from other sponsors or legislative bodies, and suggest changes or features by providing feedback. Currently in beta, MadisonDC is custom-built to connect residents of the District with the decision-makers in our democracy.  
Each year, BEGA submits ethics and transparency best practices recommendations to the Mayor and Council of the District of Columbia. For the first time, with the exception of items that have already been implemented, public comments on the 2013 report will help to inform the 2014 report.
To view the report and make comments, simply visit MadiosnDC and look for the BEGA 2013 Best Practices Report, create a log in, and submit your feedback.