FOIA Officer Contact Information (Under Review - Last Updated 03.25.2024)

Agency FOIA Officer Email Address General Contact (area code 202)
Administrative Hearings, Office of Johnnie Barton

Aging and Community Living Brett Bennett 715-7745
Alcoholic Beverage Cannabis Administration

Domingo Juan

Jocelyn De Castro 

Army Reserve National Guard Vakisa Bragg  
Arts and Humanities, Commission on David Esteban Martinez 600-1607
Attorney General, Office of the

Elaine Block

Emma Simson

Auditor, Office of the DC Amy Bellanca 727-3600
Behavioral Health, Department of Matthew W. Caspari 673-7505
Board of Ethics and Government Accountabilty  Anthony J. Scerbo 481-3411
Barber and Cosmetology Board Rashan Broadax 442-4320

Buildings, Department of

Erin Roberts

Ezgi Soylu



Cable Television, Film, Music & Entertainment, Office of

Qualahnia Suggs-Randall

Chief Financial Officer LaVerne Lee  727-9528
Chief Medical Examiner, Office of the Rodney Adams 698-9005
Chief Technology Officer, Office of the Todd Smith 727-9971
Child and Family Services Agency Wendy B. Singleton 727-2646
City Administrator, Office of

Barry Kreiswirth

Helen McClure

Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure Cathaee Hudgins  
Community Relations and Services, Mayor's Office of

Henry Johnson

Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Department of Erin Roberts 899-3615
Contract Appeals Board Mark Poindexter 727-6597
Contracting and Procurement, Office of  Jeremiah Regan 727-0252
Corrections, Department of Oluwasegun Obebe 671-2055

Corrections Information Council

Donald Isaac 478-9211 
Council of the District of Columbia

Valeria Nadal

David Guo

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Kristy Love 442-9283
Disability Services, DC Department of

Nalaka Senaratne


Disability Rights, Office of

Peter Stephan

Education, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Laura Harding  
Elections, Board of Amanda Stevens Joiner 727-5325 
Employee Appeals, Office of Sheila Barfield 727-0004
Employment Services, Department of Tonya Robinson 671-1195
Environment, Department of Alisoun Hughes

Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department  Christina Dalton

Forensic Sciences, Department of Shannon Hall


For-Hire Vehicles, Department of

Abigail Zenner 645-6020
General Services, Department of

Victoria Black Johnson

Health Benefit Exchange Authority Andre Beard 317-0294
Health Care Finance, Department of Elizabeth Bowker 299-5619
Health, Department of Phillip Husband 442-5977
Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency  Whitney Bowen

Housing Authority, District of Columbia Kimberyl August

Housing and Community Development, Department of Tonya Condell 442-7186
Housing Finance Agency, District of Columbia Jasmine Jackson  
Human Resources, Department of Aphrodite Hadjiloucas 442-9702
Human Rights, Office of Alexis Applegate 727-4559
Human Services, Department of Folashade Bamikole

Inspector General, Office of  Yolanda Jones 727-2540
Insurance, Securities and Banking, Department of Claudine Sassa 714-7671

Judicial Nomination Commission 

Tracey Nutall 879-0478
Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, Office of Michael Kentoff 724-4955
Library, DC Public Grace Perry-Gaiter 727-1134

Licensing and Consumer Protection, Department of 

Genet Amare, Esq. 

Jessica Darby



Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board, DC LaVerne Lee 727-9528

Mayor, Executive Office of the

Henry Johnson

Mayor's Office of the Clean City

Vanessa Careiro

Tenette Smith

Mayor's Office of Legal Counsel Alana Burnett 724-7681
Mayor's Office of Talent and Appointments Tenette Smith 727-3384
Metropolitan Police Department

Brandynn Reaves

Motor Vehicles, Department of Pamela Washington

Not-for-Profit Hospital Corporation, United Medical Center 

Brian Gradle


Operations and Infrastructure, Office of the Deputy Mayor for

April Randall 790-6846
Parks and Recreation, Department of Jamarj Johnson 671-1700
People's Counsel, District of Columbia Anjali Patel 727-1014
Planning and Economic Development, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Alexander Watson 727-6365
Planning, Office of

Jordan Chafetz

Police Complaints, Office of Marke Cross  
Public Charter School Board Daniel Quandt  
Public Schools, District of Columbia Eboni Govan

Public Service Commission, District of Columbia Christopher Lipscombe

Public Employee Relations Board

Elizabeth “Lisa” Slover

Public Works, Department of

Errika Jefferson

Real Property Tax Appeals Commission

Carlynn Fuller Jenkins 727-6860
Retirement Board, District of Columbia

Emily Baver Bowie

Risk Management, Office of Morgan Dowe


District of Columbia Sentencing Commission

Maeghan Buckley 727-7934

Secretary, Office of the

Victor Reid  
Small and Local Business Development, Department of

Spenser Dettwyler 727-3900
State Board of Education John Paul Hayworth (Temporary)  

State Superintendent of Education, Office of the

Lee Hagy

State Office of Disability Administration Jason Botop 730-1695
Tenant Advocate, Office of Harrison Magy

Transportation, District of Department of Karen Calmeise 671-5114
Unified Communications, Office of

Domingo Juan


University of the District of Columbia

Avis Marie Russel


Victom Services and Justice Grants, Office of

Kelley Dillon 727-3934
Water, DC Victoria Fleming

Youth Rehabilitation Services, Deparment of Aisha Braithwaite-Flucker  
Zoning, Office of Tracey Whitten Rose 727-6311