Paralegal Specialist Position Vacancy

The DC Department of Human Resources (DCHR) is accepting applications on behalf of the Office of Open Government for a Paralegal Specialist until April 7, 2022. You may access the vacancy announcement here by selecting the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability in the agency column on the left. To learn more and to apply visit


Job ID: 15985

Location: 441 4th Street, NW, Washington, DC

Full-Time, Regular, Career Service Appointment

Area of Consideration: Open to Public

Grade 11 ($62,751.00 - 80,900.00)

Openings: 1

Closing Date: 04/07/2022

General Job Information

Job Summary

This position is located in the Government of the District of Columbia, Board of Ethics and Government Accountability (BEGA), Office of Open Government (OOG). The incumbent performs a variety of legal assistance duties and responsibilities in connection with the legal services provided by the OOG. The OOG provides comprehensive legal services related to the mission, programs, activities and functions of BEGA regarding open governance. This primarily includes enforcement of the Open Meetings Act and providing legal advice regarding the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act. The legal services that OOG provides also encompasses the areas of legislation, personnel and labor relations, procurement, agency transactions, and appropriations.

The Paralegal Specialist assists OOG’s attorneys in many aspects of enforcement of the Open Meetings Act and providing advice regarding the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), including drafting and revising advisory opinions, investigations, and preparing legal documents. The Paralegal Specialist also performs legal research specific to the practice areas of OOG.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Paralegal Specialist will be responsible for assisting OOG’s attorneys with drafting advisory opinions and orders to be issued by the Director of Open Government or other legal authority which requires the review, analysis and organization of facts and evidence; the analysis of legal issues, the application of law to fact; fact finding; the drawing of legal conclusions and the rendition of clear, effective and precise written presentations.  Assists BEGA’s FOIA Officer with processing FOIA requests received by the agency. This entails conducting an independent analysis of the FOIA request and applying FOIA exemptions as appropriate; reviewing FOIA requests to obtain associated responsive documents located within BEGA’s Offices; and redacting documents in accordance with the FOIA provisions and applicable instructions from BEGA’s FOIA Officer.

The incumbent examines and evaluates information in Open Meetings Act cases filed by OOG and serves as the agency’s fact witness in litigation. Investigates, compiles and evaluates factual information in conjunction with varying data, in order to prepare case documents.

Notes any deficiencies in case materials (e.g., missing documents, conflicting statements, etc.) and additional issues or other matters requiring investigation. Determines the specific need for additional information, evidence and witnesses, and plans a comprehensive approach to obtain this information. Drafts responses to motions filed by counsel to be issued by the responsible legal authority. As appropriate or assigned, prepares responses to requests for information and assistance with the parameter of office responsibilities.  Performs legal research, including search of statutes, regulations, legislative history, case law and other legal authorities on points of law. Conducts training, orientation sessions, and meetings regarding the Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act for government employees and the public. Attends public meetings on behalf of OOG. Keeps abreast of current legal developments including recent decisions issued by appeals boards, D.C. Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Qualifications and Education

One (1) year of specialized experience equivalent to the CS-09 grade level. Specialized experience is experience that has equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position and is typically in or related to the work of the position to be filled. 

Licensures and Certifications


Work Environment/Conditions

The work is primarily of a sedentary nature, requiring no unusual physical demands.

Other Significant Facts

Tour of Duty: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (Subject to change)

Pay Plan, Series, Grade: CS-0950-11

Salary Range: $62,751.00 - $70,818.00

Promotion Potential: No known promotion potential

Collective Bargaining Unit: This position is in a collective bargaining unit.

Area of Consideration: Open to the public

Position Designation: This position as been designated as security-sensitive under the guideline of the DC Personnel Manual. Incumbents of this position are subject to enhanced suitability screening pursuant to Chapter 4 of DC personnel regulations. Accordingly, incumbents must successfully pass a criminal background and consumer credit check as a condition of employment and will be subject to periodic criminal background checks for the duration of their tenure.

Vaccination Requirement: The Government of the District of Columbia values the safety of our employees, our residents, and our visitors. In support of these values, if you are selected for this job you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, except when vaccination is not medically advised or violates your sincerely held religious beliefs. If you are invited to join our team, you must submit proof that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to your initial HR representative, or you must request an exemption from your representative. New employees must either provide proof of vaccination or be granted a medical or religious exemption before working with the Government of the District of Columbia.

Residency Requirement: If the position you are applying for is in the Career, Management Supervisory, or Educational Service at an annual salary of one hundred fifty thousand dollars ($150,000) or more, you must establish residency in the District of Columbia within one hundred eighty (180) days of the effective date of the appointment and continue to maintain residency within the District of Columbia throughout the duration of the appointment.

Residency Preference: When claiming residency preference, you are required, and must agree in writing, to maintain bona fide District residency for a period of seven (7) consecutive years from the effective date of employment. You will be required to present documents (proofs) to show District residency and failure to maintain bona-fide District residency for the seven-year (7-year) period will result in forfeiture of employment.

EEO Statement: The District of Columbia Government is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, matriculation, physical handicap, or political affiliation.