Open Government Ethics Week 2021 Training Recordings

BEGA's Ethics Week: Office of Open Government Training Presentations

Ethics Week 2021 - “Reapproaching Ethical Values”: BEGA hosted Ethics Week from October 18-22, 2021. BEGA offered a series of webinars and virtual presentations that provided DC government employees with information on ethics, FOIA, parliamentary procedure, and the OMA. The Office of Open Government (OOG) made several presentations on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. OOG’s Ethics Week presentations were as follows:

Let the Sunshine In: Understanding DC Government's Three Transparency Laws - Attorney Zita Orji presented, “Let the Sunshine In: understanding DC’s Three Transparency Laws that Create a More Transparent Government.” This webinar presented a historical overview of the DC Sunshine Laws from inception to the present. The webinar gave participants a full context for DC’s transparency laws. View the slide presentation here.

Best Practice Recommendations for OMA Compliance - Chief Counsel Barton presented, “Best Practices for OMA Compliance.” In this webinar participants learned about the OMA and were provided with scenarios and examples of how to resolve real issues that arise in public meetings. View the slide presentation here.

Director Allen presented, Unveiling the Office of Open Government’s New Offerings.The presentation began with a general introduction from me regarding the new developments in OOG. Then, proceeded with a video presentation from Susan Leahy introducing the Parliamentary Procedure Training Portal and instructing participants on how to access and use the portal. View the intro here: The presentation concluded with our new OMA Training Video, produced by the Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, & Entertainment, which is featured on our website and YouTube Channel. The new OMA video may also be viewed here: New Open Meetings Act Training Video

Parliamentary Efficiency: YOU Can Make Your Meetings Shorter - Attorney Weil presented, “Parliamentary Efficiency: YOU Can Make Your Meeting Shorter.” This webinar focused on uses of the elements of Parliamentary Procedure to make meetings more efficient and less intimidating. He touched on the basic rules and offered practical tips for effective public meetings. View the slide presentation here.

FOIA 101: The Path that Leads to Openness and Accountability - Attorney DeBerry presented, “FOIA 101: “The Path that Leads to Openness and Accountability.” This webinar instructed on the basics of D.C. FOIA and was a refresher course for D.C. FOIA Officers on the rules that apply to processing requests. View the slide presentation here.

How to Compose and Record Video Recordings to OOG's Website - IT Specialist, Kevon Bridges presented, “How to Compose and Upload Video Recordings to” This webinar offered practical tips for using tools such as WebEx and YouTube to record and publish meeting records. He also provided instruction for Administrative Points of Contacts for Boards and Commissions on how to post information on the Central Meeting Calendar. View the slide presentation here.

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Board of Ethics and Government Accountability (BEGA)