Public Comments on the Addressing Crime Trends NOW Amendment Act of 2023 (Bill 25-0555)

Director Allen provided written comments on the Addressing Crime Trends (ACT) Now Amendment Act of 2023 (Bill 25-0555). In Director Allen's comments she stressed that DC police officers’ faces, and badge numbers should not be redacted under the D.C. FOIA privacy exemption; that the Committee should reject the categorical exclusion for police disciplinary records; and that body worn camera footage should not be used to draft police reports, but where it is used the police officer should note it on the report.
Of note, Title VII of this bill would amend D.C. FOIA section 204(d-1) (D.C. Official Code § 2 534(d-1)) (concerning broader disclosure of law-enforcement disciplinary records) by narrowing it to apply only to disciplinary actions “that resulted in a penalty of suspension, demotion, or termination.” 
Bill 25-0555 may be viewed here: 
Public Body: 
Board of Ethics and Government Accountability (BEGA)