DC FOIA Officer Contact Information

Agency FOIA Officer Email Address General Contact
Administrative Hearings, Office of Shawn M. Nolen shawn.nolen@dc.gov (202) 442-5951
Aging and Community Living, Department of Adam Mingal Adam.mingal@dc.gov (202) 727-8371
Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration Austin Hill austin.hill@dc.gov 202-442-4468
Arts and Humanities, Commission on Carolyn Parker carolyn.parker@dc.gov (202) 724-5613
Attorney General, Office of the Runako Kumbula Allsopp runako.kumbula-allsopp@dc.gov (202) 807-0363
Auditor, Office of the DC Amy Bellanca Amy.Bellanca@dc.gov (202) 727-3600
Behavioral Health, Department of Matt Caspari matthew.caspari@dc.gov (202) 673-7505
Board of Ethics and Government Accountability Johnnie Barton Johnnie.Barton2@dc.gov (202) 741-5373
Cable Television, Office of  Angie Gates Angie.Gates@dc.gov (202) 727-6608
Chief Financial Officer LaVerne Lee laverne.lee@dc.gov (202) 727-9528
Chief Medical Examiner, Office of the Mikelle DeVillier mikelle.devillier@dc.gov (202) 698-9005
Chief Technology Officer, Office of the Andrew L. Gerst andrew.gerst2@dc.gov (202) 724-6553
Child and Family Services Agency Wendy Singleton cfsa.foia@dc.gov (202) 727-2646
 City Administrator, Office of Barry Kreiswirth  barry.kreiswirth@dc.gov (202) 478-9200
Community Relations and Services, Mayor's Office of Erika Satterlee Erika.satterlee@dc.gov (202) 724-7681
Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Department of * Erin Roberts erin.roberts@dc.gov  (202) 899-3615
Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Department of * Genet Amare genet.amare@dc.gov (202) 442-8769
Contract Appeals Board Mark Poindexter mark.poindexter2@dc.gov (202) 727-2841
Contracting and Procurement, Office of  Jeremiah Regan jeremiah.regan@dc.gov (202) 727-0252
Corrections, Department of Oluwasegun Obebe segun.obebe@dc.gov (202) 671-2055
Council of the District of Columbia Brackett Smith bsmith@dccouncil.us (202) 724-8026
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Kristy Love kristy.love@dc.gov (202) 442-9283
Disability Services, DC Department of (see State Office of Disability Admin) Nalaka Senaratne Nalaka.Senaratne@dc.gov (202) 527-5604
Elections, Board of Rudolph McGann rmcgann@dcboe.org (202) 727-9149
Employee Appeals, Office of Erika Satterlee Erika.satterlee@dc.gov (202) 724-7681
Employment Services, Department of Tonya Sapp tonya.sapp@dc.gov (202) 671-1195
Environment, Department of Ibrahim Bullo ibrahim.bullo@dc.gov (202) 535-2506
Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department  Angela Y. Washington angela.washington@dc.gov (202) 673-3320
Forensic Sciences, Department of Rashee Raj DFS.FOIA@dc.gov (202) 727-7830
For-Hire Vehicles, Department of Neville Waters neville.waters@dc.gov (202) 645-6020
General Services, Department of * Vaughn Adams foia.dgs@dc.gov (202) 727-2800
General Services, Department of * Victoria Black Johnson foia.dgs@dc.gov (202) 727-2800
Health Benefit Exchange Authority Mary Beth Senkewicz mary.senkewicz@dc.gov (202) 730-1638
Health Care Finance, Department of Kevin H. O'Donnell kevin.odonnell2@dc.gov (202) 299-5619
Health, Department of Phillip Husband Phillip.Husband@dc.gov (202) 442-5977
Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency  Robyn Johnson robyn.johnson@dc.gov (202) 727-2985
Housing Authority, District of Columbia Ken Slaughter foia@dchousing.org 202-535-2835
Housing and Community Development, Department of Tonya Condell tonya.condell@dc.gov (202) 442-7186
Housing Finance Agency, District of Columbia Brittney Jordan FOIA@dchfa.org (202) 777-1653
Human Resources, Department of Leah Brown dchr.ogc@dc.gov (202) 442-9702
Human Rights, Office of Stacy Biney ohr.foia@dc.gov (202) 727-4559
Human Services, Department of Robert Warren Robert.Warren@dc.gov (202) 671-4452
Inspector General, Office of  * Keith Van Croft keith.vancroft@dc.gov (202) 727-9566
Inspector General, Office of  * Yolanda Jones yolanda.jones@dc.gov (202) 727-9791
Insurance, Securities and Banking, Department of * Charlotte Parker charlotte.parker@dc.gov (202) 727-8000
Insurance, Securities and Banking, Department of * Claudine Alula claudine.alula@dc.gov (202) 727-8000
Insurance, Securities and Banking, Department of * General FOIA Office email disb.foia@dc.gov (202) 727-8000
Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, Office of Michael Kentoff Michael.Kentoff@dc.gov (202) 724-4955
Library, DC Public Grace Perry-Gaiter general.counsel@dc.gov (202) 727-1134
Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board, DC LaVerne Lee laverne.lee@dc.gov (202) 727-9528
Mayor, Executive Office of the Erika Satterlee Erika.satterlee@dc.gov (202) 724-7681
Mayor's Office of Talent and Appointments Erika Satterlee Erika.satterlee@dc.gov (202) 724-7681
Metropolitan Police Department Inspector Vendette Parker Vendette.Parker@dc.gov (202) 727-3721
Motor Vehicles, Department of Ariel W. Reed ariel.reed@dc.gov (202) 729-7113
Not-for-Profit Hospital Corporation, United Medical Center  Ty Booker TBooker@United-MedicalCenter.com (202) 574-6389
Parks and Recreation, Department of Jamarj Johnson jamarj.johnson@dc.gov  (202) 671-1700
People's Counsel, District of Columbia Anjali Patel       apatel@opc-dc.gov (202) 727-3071
Planning and Economic Development, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Molly Hofsommer molly.hofsommer@dc.gov (202) 727-6365
Planning, Office of Edward Giefer edward.giefer@dc.gov (202) 442-7629
Police Complaints, Office of Alicia Yass Alicia.Yass2@dc.gov (202) 727-3838
Public Schools, District of Columbia Eboni Govan  dcpsfoia@dc.gov (202) 442-5000
Public Service Commission, District of Columbia Christopher Lipscombe CLipscombe@psc.dc.gov (202) 626-5100
Public Employee Relations Board Merlin George merlin.george@dc.gov (202) 727-1822
Public Works, Department of Christine Davis christine.davis@dc.gov (202) 671-2030
Retirement Board, District of Columbia Erie Sampson erie.sampson@dc.gov (202) 343-3200
Risk Management, Office of Robert Preston robert.preston@dc.gov (202) 727-8600
Sentencing and Criminal Code Sentencing Commission Kara Dansky kara.dansky@dc.gov (202) 727-7934
Small and Local Business Development, Department of Brett Allen Brett.Allen@dc.gov  (202) 727-3900
State Board of Education John-Paul C. Hayworth John-Paul.Hayworth@dc.gov (202) 741-0888
Tenant Advocate, Office of Harrison Magy harrison.magy@dc.gov (202) 671-5114 
Transportation, District of Department of Karen R. Calmeise karen.calmeise@dc.gov (202) 671-5114 
Unified Communications, Office of Ingrid Bucksell Ingrid.Bucksell@dc.gov (202) 373-3999
University of the District of Columbia Avis Russell avis.russell@udc.edu (202) 274-5400
Water, DC Victoria Fleming Victoria.Fleming@dcwater.com (202) 787-2627
Youth Rehabilitation Services, Deparment of Adam Aljoburi adam.aljoburi@dc.gov (202) 299-3703
Zoning, Office of Allison Myers allison.myers@dc.gov (202) 727-2806
* Some agencies have more than one designgated FOIA officer      

Board of Ethics and Government Accountability's (BEGA) FOIA Officer: Johnnie Barton, Esq., e-mail: johnnie.barton2@dc.gov; Tel: 202-741-5373.